Custom Code is able to provide the following services:

 - Purpose built software designed to meet your specific needs
 - Integrated MS Office Solutions
 - In house or offsite development - not limited to Adelaide
 - Fixed Price project or Hourly Rate
 - Development in a range of languages
 - Freedom from ever-changing Technology
 - Specialising in short term projects - from a few hours to a few months

Advantages of using Custom Code:
 - Investment in Software Development Tools and Knowledge
 - Experience in a wide range of projects
 - The person who  writes the code is on call

Benefits to the following types of business:

Web Designer
Scripting Languages
Java/Java Script
Allows the client to focus on their strengths

IT/Project Manager
Allows the client to concentrate on their requirements rather than the implementation details
Application Design based on the client's requirements
Application Development in C++
Structured Testing
Data Migration/Transformation
Cost Effective - no need to purchase expensive development tools

Office Based Business
Utilities written in Visual Basic
Application extension in VBA
Business Process Automation using client's existing software environment
Custom Reporting