About Us

Scott Pickett - Software Developer
Scott has over 22 years experience in the design and development of computer software.  During this time he has worked in various roles from software engineering, to consulting, support, testing, and technical management.  At times this has required the  capacity to work remotely as well as onsite at sites across Australia and overseas in Thailand, Singapore, and the USA.

Scott has experience within various Industry Sectors including Defence, Manufacturing, Communications, Accounting, Banking, Automotive, Insurance, and Information Technology.  

Over his career Scott has worked on the following types of projects: Real Time, Signal Processing, Vision Systems, Quality Control, Simulation Systems, Industrial Automation, Process Control, Multi Tasking, Embedded Systems, Relational Database Systems, Client / Server Systems, Communications, Graphics, Custom Controls, Data Migration / Transformation, Reporting, Structured Testing, as well as Fault Tracking and Resolution.

As well as the languages listed Scott is experienced in development with the following software technologies:
Operating Systems - Windows, Unix/Linux, Android
Operating Environments - Web, MS Office Applications
Development Frameworks - MFC, .NET, OWL
Language Types - Structured, Object Oriented, Form based, Scripting
Databases - SQL Server, Oracle, OpenIngres, Access.  Via ODBC, DAO, and Direct APIs
Reporting - Crystal Reports

After working as an employee, consultant and contractor Scott was seeking more control in the direction of his career and was ready for a change.

Now within the Custom Code business, Scott continues to provide clients with accessible solutions to their IT related issues as well as developing and marketing a range of products.